Bring Back My Bar Voting Begins Soon!

Rediscover your favorite retired fragrances with Bring Back My Bar!
Voting begins March 2 with a few changes, and the winners will be available in June.

It’s already that time again! Voting for Bring Back My Bar (BBMB) beings March 2.

Twice a year we give all Scentsy fans the chance to vote for the much-loved, discontinued Scentsy Bar fragrances you just can’t live without any longer. And we make the most popular ones available for a limited time.

This time around, there will only be one round of voting to determine the winners. Voting will run from 12 p.m. CST March 2 to 1:59 a.m. CST March 9 at, and you can vote every five minutes.

We’re also limiting the voting options to spring/summer fragrances to make them more relevant when it comes time to purchase in June. Scentsy Bars available as recently as September 2019 are not eligible.*

We’ll announce the winners on March 23, and the top 25 Scentsy Bars will go on sale for the whole month of June 2020 — enough time to stock up or add them to a Scentsy Club subscription so you can continue to get your faves year-round.

*Ineligibility ensures the same bars are not brought back every six months, making way for different fragrances every voting cycle.

What scent are you planning to vote for?